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Economic and Engineering Analysis and Consulting for Today's Energy Business

Electricity Service Pricing
CA Energy Consulting helps utilities take a proactive approach to evaluating and enhancing their portfolio of pricing products to suit their customer needs today and tomorrow. We strategically assess their markets and their customer’s needs and competitive alternatives. We help design menus of pricing products for various customer segments that align with the utility’s strategic goals and objectives. Our design process accounts for cost and load uncertainty, embedded cost, marginal cost, and considers customer product preferences as well as load response to prices. We can help the utility offer the best suite of pricing products for their market, predict customers’ product choices, and forecast usage patterns.

Wholesale Markets
CA Energy Consulting uses time series and structural methods to forecast wholesale prices, and generator bidding strategies for energy and reserves in competitive markets. We have identified the principles for organizing efficient reserve markets, and we have advised nations on restructuring generation services.

Traditional Electricity Cost Analysis
CA Energy Consulting has a flexible cost-of-service model to address the needs of utilities that are either transitioning into competition or remaining fully regulated. Our methods for assessing cost of capital include discounted cash flow (DCF), comparable earnings, capital asset pricing models (CAPM), and arbitrage pricing theory (APT) analysis.

Retail Customer Information
CA Energy Consulting offers new methods of customer segmentation based on such difficult to observe attributes as price responsiveness, and aversion to price and bill variability. We continue to develop a wealth of information about customer load response to TOU, RTP, and interruptible load programs.

Rate and Program Evaluation
CA Energy Consulting can design and implement methods for evaluating new and existing programs, using available customer usage data and rate information. These methods are bolstered by years of experience with proven techniques for modeling customer response by time of use, price, and other factors.

Support Services
CA Energy Consulting maintains a diversified staff to provide support services beyond our economic and engineering work, such as event planning and software development. Our testifying experts team with a litigation support staff with a strong record of success.